Recurring Affiliate Program


When you give away our web hosting using your affiliate link and adverting the promo code "PLEX", your referrals will get their first month for free with no requirements or conditions, not even payment information is needed! This allows your referrals to experience and trust us with no risk. Many will decide to stay after the month and begin to pay us resulting in us paying you, it's that simple!

Unlike other programs that only pay once per client, our program pays you 20 percent of the top to you for all payments made to us, month after month by every client referred to us. Also unlike some programs that require immediate purchase, we use a 3 month cookie, meaning if any referred client purchases within 3 months of visiting our website, your affiliate account will get credit. We have many clients that have been with us over 5 years and some over 10 that are still with us. Our program allows you to build passive income similar to having your own hosting business, all without the hassle.

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Accumulating Signups:

You are paid 20 percent from the clients total revenue month after month, year after year for each client referred. Do the math and you will see how you can build a sizable, passive income for yourself.

Let's do the math...

If you send us 25 signups a month with an average client bill of $20 per month. At the end of 1 year your total progressive earnings would be $7800, the end of year 2 would bring you a total of $30,000 (This is an example, your earnings may be higher or lower based on several factors). You would be paid monthly as most of our clients have a monthly billing cycle.

1-2-3 Program Overview

1. SIGN UP for our Recurring Affiliate Program - Signing up is FREE and easy!
2. Share your Affiliate Link - Use your affiliate link and choice of banners to refer your clients!
3. Earn Commission from WebsitePlex - Once a referral uses your link to make a valid purchase within 90 days, you'll earn recurring lifetime commission from that client.

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